Peptide can be synthesized.

You can design a peptide, small protein, consisting a desinged amino acid sequence.


Our designed peptides spantaneously organize into a long-range ordered nano-structures on 2D nanomaterials.

Electronic Interactions

Organized peptides modulate the electronic properties of 2D nanomaterials, such as graphene and MoS2.

Bridging biology and nanoelectronics

Design of novel peptides can allow us to control the interface between biology and electronics in a controlled manner.

Our interests

The dynamic behavior of proteins in natural conditions can be utilized for artificial devices. It is not limited into the formation of organized structures of proteins, but also the various functions including catalytic effects, electronic conductivity, etc.. We are keen to study the functions of protein/peptide on 2D materials, which allow us to control the organized structures of peptides and to detect the behavior of peptides by mean of electrical conductivity through 2D nanomaterials.
The knowledge we can obtain here can be applied for establishing novel biosensors.