October 4

Chishu Honma won the Young Researcher Award at the Fullerene, Nanotubes, and Graphene Society (FNTG). congratulations!

September 18-21

Chen, Tezuka, Noguchi, Honma, Motai, Tsukiiwa, and Nakamura made a presentation at the Autumn Meeting of the Japan Society of Applied Physics held at Hokkaido University in Sapporo. Hayamizu gave an invited talk.

September 3-5

Honma and Noguchi gave a presentation at Fullerene, Nanotubes and Graphene Society (FNTG) @ Nagoya University. Hayami gave a presentation in an invited talk.

August 10

Hayamizu gave a lecture for high school students at the Tokyo Tech Open Campus.

June 25-27

Honma and Motai made a presentation at The International Conference on Molecular Electronics and Bioelectronics (M & BE10) held at the Nara Kasugano International Forum. Tsukiiwa also presented at the 3rd international Workshop by the 174th Committee JSPS “Symbiosis of Biology and Nanodevices”. All three won the poster award!

May 27 and 28

Chen gave a presentation at the 39th meeting of the Society of Chemistry and Micro / Nano Systems held in Kanazawa.

May 8

A research led by Peiying Li and Kohei Sakuma was published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. The title is “Fibroin-like Peptides Self-Assembling on Two-Dimensional Materials as a Molecular Scaffold for Potential Biosensing”. Using the amino acid sequence contained in silk protein, we have succeeded in developing a peptide that forms a stable and ordered monolayer on the surface of a two-dimensional material.

April 28

A welcome party for newcomers and a farewell party for Li-san and Onishi-san.

April 1

Vanessa and Yoshiki have joined the group.